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I was scrolling the hashtags for POTC the other day on Tumblr, looking for some good promo photos or meta from the upcoming fifth movie, when I came across a fairly mild attempt at inciting, about Elizabeth and Will being the most useless characters in the movies. My feelings in order of having them, which might say more about how many years it's been since the fandom wank over the first three movies, were:

1. I wouldn't say "useless," considering their actions drove the storyline right behind Barbossa's

2. There are points where each, in turn, are literally the audience's "viewpoint" character into the world inside the movie; you may not like one or both, but I would say they have usefulness

3. A moderate amount of Jack Sparrow goes a very long way, believe me - if you don't, watch the fourth movie, because as good as Sam Claflin is, Phillip just doesn't have the curbing influence over Jack's character that Will does as straight man (I admit my attitude toward Johnny has changed A LOT in the 14 years since the original hit theaters, and downward, but even then I said Jack is not a character who needs an entire movie about him)

4. Finally I got to hey, quit bashing Will, man

Hopefully if there's a resurgence in the POTC fandom online as a result of this movie - and there might not be, considering all the many franchises out there that have frankly had more consistent and better quality track records - we won't see the level of bashing and hatred that came to infuse it post-DMC. We can do without a repeat of all that.
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