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Someone on my f-list mentioned this Carlos Mencia POTC parody a couple of weeks ago in a post of mine, and my sister finally got around to finding it on You Tube. Now you too can see it here. At least SOMEONE out there who isn't a fangirl recognizes the latent chemistry of a Turrow pairing. *G*
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I belong to a DragonCon community, and someone posted in it a fan movie made for "Dead Man's Chest." There's not really any spoilers in it, per se - nothing you haven't seen on TV in the commercials, at least. Just a bunch of running around by guys in REALLY good costumes and a really superb Jack Sparrow impersonation.

(The reason I'm posting the comm link instead of simply the video is so that the person who posted it - who helped make it - can receive the proper comments/credit for it.)


May. 24th, 2006 12:42 pm
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My sister, [ profile] dahlianna, makes videos every so often for the heck of it (I'm trying to get her to consider a career in editing or visual arts of some sort, but she's more hobby-minded with this, LOL). There's a couple of POTC videos she made last year that I may have posted before, but it was on and those links expire and only allow limited downloads.

If anyone has a fast connection and would like to see a couple of the videos, I'll post the links here. All she asks is that if you share with other people, leave the credits on the end intact. (I'd also appreciate if you'd post here that you downloaded it so I can count how many there are.)

The first is one she made for ARCHON last October (held near St. Louis), a movie video set to "Thriller." The second is something more fun made to "It's Raining Men."

(NOTE: If you get an error message on either of these, simply hit your browser "refresh" and wait. You may be asked to sign up for eBay - look for the link at the top right of the window that allows you to "go on" to Megaupload and you can bypass it.)
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This is one of the neatest things I've seen from obvious POTC fans (don't we all wish we could move like this). Enjoy!


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