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I hate to be one of those people who says sensitivity ought to be conditional, but just every once in a rare while, yeah.

To paraphrase Bayliss, Tumblr is occasionally a muck of misplaced Social Justice Warriorism. When you're finger-wagging at chemo patients not to wear something pretty and positive that makes them feel some confidence in their appearance because the thing is not white culture, you may need to reevaluate your sociopolitical battle plan.

And if you can't, don't worry. Some of those white bitches will die soon and stop appropriating.

/I may be taking this slightly personally

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So the baby has lived with me for about three months now (she won't be 18 months for another 3 months, so technically she's still a kitten baby). She has this weird tic and I wonder if anyone else has seen this and knows what it is.

Every so often when she's eating or drinking, she'll stop and go around the dish using a paw to "sweep" around it, pawing the ground in strokes toward the dish, even when there's nothing on the ground. If the dish is on a cloth (I have the water dish on a folded towel because the older cat likes to drag it around and spills water - that's a whole other behavior I don't understand), the action pulls the edges of the cloth up over her dish like a bread basket (and soaks the towel). But usually there's nothing under the dish. What the hell is she doing?

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So, remember when I told y'all about [ profile] therealljidol a couple of weeks back, and mentioned it was a participatory voting activity for friends of entrants? Well, I'm an entrant, and you're ... people I've met online. :-P

Seriously, if you would like to vote for me, the poll for this week is over here. You vote in each tribe, and you can vote for as many people as you want in each, or that you read and feel deserve to stay in the competition. I am in Tribe 4 (as is my friend [ profile] the_dark_snack; another friend, [ profile] beldarzfixon, is in Tribe 1, if you feel like spreading your vote around). If you missed it, my contribution is back here.

Two things of note: First, the poll, as you can see, has a link to each entrant's contribution this week (yes, there are a lot!). If you have time and want some good reading, you can click on each. When you do vote in each tribe, understand that because of wonky LJ issues, you can't vote multiple times per tribe (say, as you read each entry you like) - you need to make a list and vote on each all at once. Blame LJ!

Second, the poll closes at 9 p.m. this Thursday, March 20. Your votes will only count before then.


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Don't adopt a pet and get it used to your home and you and your life, and dependent on you, and affectionate toward you - and then kick it out just because you met someone, decided to rub your nasty bits against theirs, and don't have the patience or brains to raise more than one drooling pooper at once.

After all, the pet was there before the baby. And won't hate you when it gets to be fourteen.

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Um - is it just because it's the weekend, or what? There's a missing goddamn airplane with hundreds of passengers all over the news and I've seen nothing about it on LJ or Tumblr or any other social sites I look at.

I'm not into Langoliers or Triangle belief, guys, but this is still some next-level shit even in the real world. I know it logically sank or crashed or went off the grid somewhere remote, but it's still strange there's no debris found yet, nor a signal indicating its final direction. Between the plane comm system, the black box, and all those people who had to have GPS in at least some of their phones ... why can't it be found?

Or has it been found, and officials won't say where it's crashed - or been diverted to? That's the "weird" theory I'd most subscribe to, criminals or terrorists takeover or some such, and political reasons for keeping quiet for the moment.


Feb. 3rd, 2014 06:54 am
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It's hilarious how many fans are losing their shit over Rowling saying she might not put Ron and Hermione together again, given the chance. It's what writers do; they sit around and think about what's wrong with what they've already written. What, you thought you were the only one, with your fanfic and what-not? It's not like she's Lucas-ed it yet. People in that fandom need to chill out.

Although it has spawned a shiny new meme ...

Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio say they now regret having ended the POTC movies by putting Elizabeth with Will. They see that Jack would have been a much better fit with him. Also, James should totally be alive, and stuff.

Movie time

Jan. 13th, 2014 01:08 am
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My sister and I saw The Lone Ranger movie this weekend, and it did not suck. We'd heard questionable reviews of it, so were apprehensive, but it turned out to be both entertaining and weird.

Depp was not as much "Old West Jack Sparrow" as I'd feared, which was good. Armie Hammer is always comedic, and did much what Orlando did in POTC: The handsome straight man with heroic appeal who is still sort of blundering and goofy at times and doesn't quite have enough savvy yet to think 10 steps ahead. Depp and Hammer had good oppositional chemistry, not in the way Depp and Bloom did, but differently entertaining. And as always, Verbinski has a great eye for action and elaborate chase/fight scenes that end just bizarrely enough to justify them. (Although, there were a few visual shots directly reminiscent of or lifted from of the three POTC movies - watch and see if you spot them too.)

Plus, they explained the bird on Tonto's head. Possibly it could be done a little better, but at least it fits in with his story and motives. It's not just Random Costuming Choice or This Is What We Think All Native Americans Were Like, which had worried me.

Okay, there were a few things that could have been better (too many antagonists/villains, for one, and a little too stock - Barbossa was more complex; the story wasn't as tight as the first POTC film; I thought they could have made better use of the sister-in-law - again, in POTC Elizabeth had more to do and more vitally IMO), but not as much as I'd heard, and overall it gave me some laughs and great stunts. Also, those rabbits were lifted from Python, man.

But Silver the horse = FTW. Without question, he could give Shadowfax a run for his money.

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My life has been about work and ice and snow these past several days. So that I've been paying attention to a tiny segment of a fandom and seeing resentments brewing between a couple of 'ships isn't too surprising; it's watching something again from the outside that I saw inside years ago. It's also a good way to realize how otherwise rational adults such as me can get carried away in such silly verbal disputes.

So you have Group A that likes their couple of choice, canon or no, but probably no. They dominate for a while, probably revel and write and gif and celebrate a little too heartily about all the subtext of THEIR 'ship. It undoubtedly grates on people in fandom who don't 'ship it and they feel left out or unrepresented for their 'ship. From this - often fed by an influx of new fans who think similarly to them - arises another Group B 'shipping a different OTP. It will undoubtedly contain one-half of the majority 'ship's OTP, because you don't get a fight between A/C fans and B/D fans; there is no D character in here. It will often be non-canon as well, because again, a war is not sustainable if there's a clear victor represented onscreen (a fact more savvy creators/writers have figured out in the past many years, and have used to keep these oppositional fans tuning in and discussing for so long).

Group B wants to have fun with their 'ship, rightly so. This rubs a few Group Aers the wrong way, who can't simply live and let live ... and they mock the B 'ship or its fans; this is bad. Because what will happen, if there's the right kind of personality in Group B - someone unafraid and just obnoxious and bored enough to take charge and lay waste from the anonymous safety of a computer chair - is that a core will arise from B to hammer at Group A. I could list B's playbook of the strategy here, having seen it unspool in more than one fandom - it starts with reasonable discourse to win allies and shame the idiot few Aers who should have been more respectful of divergent opinions in the first place. Then it tips slowly past equilibrium into mocking more A opinions, the A 'Ship itself, the A fans themselves ... and pretty much ensuring the inevitable response from even reasonable Group A fans is going to be ignoring them totally or throwing back some nasty verbal fireballs of their own about Group B and their 'ship.

There's your war.

It's possible that if A can ignore B baiting when it begins, this process can be stunted to wither away. But it's very hard to convince that many people to just let it go once the ball starts rolling toward them.

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(I feel like the Cat announcing he's available to all lady Cats (and none being around to hear it) ...)

Dear hiring publishers, editors, and other HR types in charge of handing out high-paying reporting jobs:

Hire ME. I've been a reporter and editor for 20-some years. I've produced roughly 5,000 articles, news and features of all topics. I won 20 awards in the 1990s alone. I've interviewed actors, directors, writers, presidential candidates, and other lawmakers and assorted celebrities and artists. I believe I've managed to do so without making too much a fool of myself.

If you hire me, I assure you I can always think of enough interesting and relevant questions to ask an actor about their work and life, without resorting to the lazy and disturbing practice of forcing them to read smutty fanfiction about their character. I possess imagination and common sense to accompany my ambition, rather than letting it overtake all else for a cheap shot at the actor and fans.

Also, I've been writing fanfiction since before I was a reporter, so I can prove it's never interfered with my work.

In conclusion, pay ME a shitload of money to do these interviews, and you may get angry letters from subscribers and others ... but they will be about substantive content, and not from women who write fanfiction for no pay, for a non-general audience, upset about being attacked for the silliness and triviality of being not-men YET FUCKING AGAIN.

Make Me A Real Job Offer And I'll Tell You My Real Name

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Pick a date and give me a topic. It can be anything from fandom-related to IRL to whatever you want. If work doesn't interfere, I will do my level best to post about it. I don't expect THAT many asks, though.

My replies will vary in length depending on the subject. They may be in the form of fanfic. Or not.

Also, I reserve the right to decline RL prompts I deem too personal. This isn't my actual name, y'all.

Pick any day.

December 05
December 06 - bayliss: Music, any kind of music, in any way you want
December 07
December 08 - pir8fancier: What is it that you like about Red Dwarf so much? As a fan, what pushes your buttons (in a good way)
December 09 - restrainedchaos: Birthdays
December 10
December 11
December 12 - notalwaysweak: Your least favourite thing about Red Dwarf canon and why.
December 13
December 14
December 15 - janamelie: What is / was it you enjoyed so much about POTC? And Will Turner, who I gather is your fave character?
December 16 - ericadawn16: What is the biggest issue that women face today and what would you do to fix it? *This is assuming you have a magic wand and can just go *poof*
December 17
December 18 - day221b: What is the longest fanfic you have ever written, and how long did it take you from conception, to plotting, to finishing your story?

December 19
December 20
December 21
December 22
December 23
December 24
December 25
December 26 - a-silver-rose: Your take on the Who Christmas special, and of Peter Capaldi, now that the torch has been passed (will be answered a little later after I've had a chance to watch it, alas)
December 27
December 28
December 29
December 30
December 31

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There's little on the Internet more fun than reading some obnoxious fandom feminist's** blog/Tumblr/whatever who rants aggressively in half her entries about the evil of m/m slashers, the lack of women and people of color in media, lack of femslash, the horrible heteronormative PTB - and most of the other half of her posts are rebloggings of photos and fic centered on characters from shows and movies that are the whitest of white men. Usually straight.

I don't understand why they're not out searching for books and music and movies devoted to women and non-white protagonists. Because these materials do exist, if you put forth effort to look for it. If you're not spending most of your time watching over and over a show about a couple of pasty white dudes, I suppose.

/laughing forever

**For those who haven't known me for several years, I find "fandom feminists" not the same as actual feminists. If you don't know the difference, just hang out on the Internet for a few more years. ;-)

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We just went to an advance screening of "The To Do List." It's hilarious - it takes place in 1993 and is about this inexperienced girl trying to try every sexual thing to prepare for college.

"Hand job ... blow job ... rim job. Why're there so many jobs?"

Then she pulls out her dictionary and encyclopedia while muttering, "What's a rim job?" and reading through them. "Come on, rim job ..."



Jul. 23rd, 2013 08:13 am
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Pretty self-explanatory - a rat in a fur coat from my morning walk. :-)

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Let's see, places I will never live: Texas, Arizona, and Florida.

It's getting longer. I feel sorry for that poor dead boy that he lived there. And died there.

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Really, Texas? Just secede already.

Actually, maybe we could lure all the extremist conservatives there first and then give them all incentive to secede. Rename that new country Uteruzistan. The flag could be a starving dairy cow with a woman's face, symbolizing their national desire to keep anything female pregnant and impoverished.

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Sorry for the merman icon with this, but I don't have an icon, it would appear, to go with disturbing reports of mistreatment of half the human race by not only members of the other half, but willing accessories of the half being devalued and abused.

(ETA: This is a good link below, or I wouldnt link it, but it's been pointed out a warning should be added for trigger images, and I didn't think of that earlier - so I'm saying it NOW. Be aware in clicking around you will see disturbing rape related imagery.)

I can't write much new to go with [ profile] bayliss's entry on the Ohio rape and general other horrific abuse of a teenage girl, so I'll just present her entry and links as is. I will say if even half this is true, this case needs to get the Sandusky/Penn State legal treatment, and FAST.

However, I'm always ready to add a point about choice and women and their own bodies. I feel like I've written enough on this blog about my feelings on society and control of women's bodies and actions, and how I believe even good-hearted movements for laws designed to protect other forms of life feed into this underlying perception among assholes who would take advantage of it to actively hurt girls and women, that females are nothing more than vessels for sperm and babies, in addition to being domestic labor to be discarded at will. You know, instead of human beings who can do what they want to with their bodies and time - otherwise known as men and boys. Plenty of people would say "one has nothing to do with the other." I would debate that regarding women as primarily incubators for new people, that need to be regulated - which is not a way one would ever regard a man's testicles - is just one step on the road to objectification. And this - and the dead woman from India - is what happens when girls and women are seen as objects, and attackers get social acceptance for that kind of treatment.

When I write these posts, am I out to offend friendlies? No, I'm not. I don't particularly enjoy confrontation even under this pseudonym. Every time I think, though, "no, don't say THAT," I imagine what it must be like to be one of those women being overpowered or incapacitated, perhaps just conscious enough to know what's happening to her but unable to fight it. Or to be a young woman with no prospects, or too much to do to have a kid right now and no way to afford it (or want it, even), with no choice but to have the thing. And then I think Well, all you're doing is putting a bunch of words on a screen; you don't have to go through what THEY'RE facing. And then doing this doesn't seem difficult at ALL.
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Just one more reason to be glad I don't have any kids: No impetus to shop at Toys R Us.

I mean, fucking hell. I live in a fairly major city and there were THREE registers open. On a Saturday night. Three weeks before Christmas. I went in on a very rare trip to get something I had to for work or I would've just left.

I don't blame the cashiers. This is a management fuck up, likely at the corporate level. They have enough money to hire some extra seasonal help to work 17 goddamned days before THE major toy holiday.

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Saw these recently in various locations and thought some of you might enjoy:

Also: My RDX fic at AO3 has been gaining kudos quickly, faster than previous docs. I wonder if the fandom is picking up more people, or what. It's interesting for that reason (I'm not bragging or anything, just curious).

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