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My penchant for wanting to discuss symbolism does sometimes overextend my grasp; I'll admit that upfront. But there's something I wanted to bring up based on a DMC discussion I saw in a subset of someone else's REALLY GOOD LJ discussion (it's in the one about the dice, for anyone who's heard of/read that one).

Second, and possibly third, movie spoilers discussion of Will and James as characters )
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And I actually wanked on this one. (Honestly, I only gave my opinion in the comments, which was fairly mild, I think. Where else can I bitch about things that have no importance in the real world, my job, or my friends and family, but LiveJournal? This is what happens when you travel under a pseudonym. *G*)

OK, sports fans, read on:

This post is very image-intensive; if you don't have a DSL or cable connection, you'll be waiting a while for it to download. If there are any J/E 'shippers on my list, I would particularly enjoy hearing your comments in MY journal entry here on this, with respect to if you feel either Jack's or Elizabeth's character has been altered to such degree to achieve these ends as to render them unrecognizable from the Jack and/or Elizabeth you like.

And maybe I'm wrong. Maybe each of them had this in them all along and there's nothing despicable about it?
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One of the wonderful things about the women's movement has been that by and large, in this country at least (I'm only American; I can't speak for any other nationality), it's considered just as normal for a young woman to not be a virgin, as it is for a young man. I'm not suggesting that's any great feat to be lauded for either gender; what I'm saying is that the sexual double standard for women isn't rigid like it used to be. In most quarters, I would term sex as a "live and let live" situation for men and women. I would say very few men expect their brides to be pure for the marriage bed, as opposed to what their grandfathers and great-grandfathers might have expected.

Of course, I'm more impressed by the fact women have a chance at all the same careers as men (well, maybe not Calvin Klein male underwear model) - a side effect not only of the women's movement, but long before that, mostly originating in WWII and the need for domestic labor as most of the working-age men went off to war. I experience the benefit of that all the time, by being a journalist.

Someone is going to call me an old prude, but at my age and level of life experience, I've decided I don't really mind what people think of my opinions. )

Fic Ahoy!

Aug. 2nd, 2006 11:21 pm
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So anyway, I'm innocently trolling my f-list when what do I happen upon but a new lovely little bit of prose by [ profile] tessabeth. It's just some R-rated POTC Turrow goodness, with massive spoilers for DMC; don't go to it if you don't want to know!

Jack sees him, again, open-mouthed and shocked and trembling at the glory of the first touch of someone else’s mouth on his body.

And for more inspirational meta, check out my past few fandom entries ...
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I had a meeting today with the daily paper's main editor and some local charity people to do a series of about 15 human interest feature profiles this fall for Sunday papers September through November. It's my normal freelance rate, but it's extra money and better, it's a chance to write creatively, which I don't get to do much for money anymore (I do a lot of news and business). The editor actually called me two weeks ago and asked if I'd do it; I thought there'd be maybe a handful of us freelancers juggling stories, but as it turns out, he wanted just me to handle the project. I'm not saying I don't deserve the break; it just seems odd, since we have other freelancers who'd like the work too. I'm not a bad writer, but I'm not extraordinary at it, either. But I won't complain! My main concern is ensuring I don't write stuff that is so sappy or sentimental and formulaic that I send readers into Eyeroll Land off the bat.

More thoughts on DMC and J/W and all that J/E stuff cropping up, as well as some faint bitching as to an annoying aspect of fandom 'pairing' stuff )
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There's no real way to bring up this discussion without a cut.

Definite DMC/third movie spoilers and speculation )
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Many of us reading this right now are obsessive little fangirls (and some fanboys) - let's face it, we wouldn't belong to a POTC LiveJournal community if we weren't. We are probably the type who are or have been fans of "Star Trek" or "Star Wars" or various and sundry other sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal (Helllllllo, Mulder!) franchises over time. We're considered "fringe" and outside the mainstream.

Fair enough. I've been that way since 1992, LOL.

My discussion question today is this: What about those people who are NOT going to see POTC or its sequels in theaters 5 or 10 times for discussion and analysis and fanfic-writing points? "Dead Man's Chest" has raked in over $500 million worldwide in only 17 days; by comparison, "The Da Vinci Code" has only taken in about $525 million during its entire run so far - and THAT was a highly anticipated, controversial movie.

Why do you think "mainstream" people are seeing this movie? And do you think it's making its money mostly off of us "fringe" diehard fans, or are there more people just going to see this than normally go see movies, period? Is it because all ages (including little kids who probably shouldn't be in the theater) are going to it? Is "Pirates," in fact, the new "Star Wars?"

Or do people just really love Keith Richards THAT much? ;-)
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Yes, more DMC discussion. But instead of bitching and moaning this time, I actually come bearing grand insight for writers on my f-list.

Don't read if you don't want spoilers for either DMC *or* POTC3 )

Oh, PLEASE, tell me what you think.
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"Moving On"
RATING: NC-17, 17+, MA, take your pick
PAIRING: J/W, implied W/E and J/E
DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Belongs to the Mouse, though I like my own idea well enough in it.
SPOILER WARNING: If you haven’t seen “Dead Man’s Chest,” you may not understand it. (Hell, even if you have, you may not.)
ARCHIVE: Go for it.
SUMMARY: Being noble gives way to mortal considerations

He'd followed the Hero Formula to the letter: )
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I belong to a DragonCon community, and someone posted in it a fan movie made for "Dead Man's Chest." There's not really any spoilers in it, per se - nothing you haven't seen on TV in the commercials, at least. Just a bunch of running around by guys in REALLY good costumes and a really superb Jack Sparrow impersonation.

(The reason I'm posting the comm link instead of simply the video is so that the person who posted it - who helped make it - can receive the proper comments/credit for it.)
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Actually, there's no real wanking; I just like the sound of the word.

I have more fandom-related thoughts on the whole DMC thing. (I have nothing at the moment on actual news in the world. There really IS too much wank on that front to make sense of it at this point - suffice to say the day the U.S. can successfully tell China what to do is the day more stuff in our homes will have "Made in USA" stamped on the bottom.)

Brief thoughts on Jack - yeah, like nobody else has them, riiiiiiight )
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My sister and I went to see "Dead Man's Chest" again yesterday. I liked this viewing better, because I knew what was going to happen, and I could just sit back and watch technique and execution and such.

I shall cut for spoilers yet again. )


Jul. 7th, 2006 04:08 am
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My sister and I went to see The Movie Sequel tonight. The short version is I haven't figured out just how I feel about this movie yet.

Now, on to some specifics. Spoilers, mates ... )
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I just arrived home from Borders (where I picked up the LOVELY new Rolling Stone magazine, BTW, with Pirate Jack on the cover - RRROWWRRR!), and while I was perusing the magazines, I found one called "Film Fantasy" specifically about POTC. I think it's one of those one-time vanity things a publisher might put out to supplement income and cash in on a hot trend - sort of like those magazines that concentrate on LOTR when a new movie is coming out, and the like?

ANYWAY ... some of our very own writers in LJ are listed in the very back of the magazine as part of a "top 10" recommendation of fanfic online about POTC. [ profile] honorat, [ profile] tortuga_black, and [ profile] geek_mama_2 are listed, as well as several other writers I've not heard of. (I just scanned the descriptions of the list, but I don't think they covered slash. I believe the magazine is probably aimed at teenagers.)

They have a paragraph description of each story and the praises of it, why it's in the magazine. It's called "Film Fantasy" and is published by Bauer Publishing as part of its "Life Story" series - I can't find anything online about it, but you can find it at Borders (and possibly other stores) for $10 right now.

EDIT (July 2): I picked up a copy of the magazine. The compilation of these stories is credited to G. "ErinRua" Atwater, which the magazine states is webmistress of a POTC site, (I have seen this page before, and I suspect so have a few of you). I cannot find, however, who actually picked these particular stories.

Genfic Recommendations Ahoy! )
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Another POTC-themed entry, as warning for those of you not thus inclined ...

Someone posted at [ profile] potc_dogwatch a link to a review of the DMC soundtrack, which can be found at - if you have a fast Internet connection ('cause it takes a bit to link up), click on each track's name on this page and you get a little sample of what it sounds like. There are some slight spoilers there in the track titles, but only if you're a TOTAL DMC virgin and don't know *anything* about new characters' names, really.

It comes out July 4. I'll be interested to see how it sounds; a couple of the tracks' snippets really sound like they kick ass.
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Wow! When it rains, it pours!

More Turrow (Jack/Will for you majority holders out there, *G*) art from [ profile] vejiita4eva can be found here. Go now and drool over it. And if you haven't seen the rest of her stuff on her journal, look at it, too!

*does the happy Peanuts dance*
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Three weeks ago, my friend Susan got married, to a college professor she's known for more than a year. Like me, Susan is in her almost-mid-30s and I didn't think she'd ever get married, even though she did date and had lived with a guy before this one. At any rate, she was never searching for a husband, so I think that's the best way to go. (Unlike me - I do not live well with other humans, and I know this from experience. Sex would not abate that.)

Last night I went to her delayed wedding reception, and met a lot of new people (and some old ones, from the wedding and once or twice before, mostly his friends who'd adopted her into their circle). Susan was telling me how I ought to move closer to them (they live 100 miles from me, which is hard to visit because of gas prices) - of course I can't because of decreased job possibilities. But anyway, it was much fun and it's the first time in a long time that I've drank a LOT, didn't get drunk, and woke up this morning without a headache. Maybe I'm aging in reverse! LOL

Okay, fictional musings. In order to proceed to this next part, you have to have an interest in POTC2, you have to not be scared off by some spoilers (believe it or not, I am trying to avoid really major ones, but I've been sucked into looking at some of the still photos and seeing the two trailers now out), and you have to watch the current Japanese trailer first, especially near the end. It can be found at if you haven't seen it.

On with the brief hoping of misinterpretation of a scene )


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