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I won't make this terribly long, because I know people tend to read shorter, to-the-point posts than long, rambling ones, for the most part. Especially on political/sociological issues.

You need to understand that I am not opposed to same-sex marriage. I feel if you're going to allow two adults to marry, you need to allow two ADULTS - any two adults - to marry. My friends and family know this about me - whether they think I'm straight or gay is their own wonderings and I don't particularly care. (I am not gay. To me it's just a matter of fairness for all.)

A friend with whom I debate about this often (she is not in favor of gay marriage, for secular legal and personal reasons, but not for religious reasons) tells me today about a story she saw on the TV news about poly marriage. It featured a man and two women who were quoting Bible verse to justify polygamy in marriage, and saying if government allows gay marriage, it has to allow poly marriage as well.

Personally, I have no problem placing a limitation on marriage to only two adults. I don't view polygamy at all the same as a union of two people, mainly for interaction-dynamics principles on a psychological level. I won't get into all my thoughts on it; suffice it's not because of a moral imperative, it's because of practicality and property-transfer issues.

I'd be interested to know what people on my f-list think of same-sex marriage, hetero marriage, and poly marriage. Any opinion you'd like to post about it.


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