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Aug. 2nd, 2006 11:21 pm
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So anyway, I'm innocently trolling my f-list when what do I happen upon but a new lovely little bit of prose by [ profile] tessabeth. It's just some R-rated POTC Turrow goodness, with massive spoilers for DMC; don't go to it if you don't want to know!

Jack sees him, again, open-mouthed and shocked and trembling at the glory of the first touch of someone else’s mouth on his body.

And for more inspirational meta, check out my past few fandom entries ...
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Nope. Not one myself, never touch the things. But a friend's made me read "Penny Arcade" a few times and so, I know vaguely what she's writing about here:

Be forewarned, there is NC-17-ness and much hilarity ensues. You need to clicky on the link for the drawing before you actually read the story.

I'm just pimpin'. It's hard out here for me, you know.
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I just arrived home from Borders (where I picked up the LOVELY new Rolling Stone magazine, BTW, with Pirate Jack on the cover - RRROWWRRR!), and while I was perusing the magazines, I found one called "Film Fantasy" specifically about POTC. I think it's one of those one-time vanity things a publisher might put out to supplement income and cash in on a hot trend - sort of like those magazines that concentrate on LOTR when a new movie is coming out, and the like?

ANYWAY ... some of our very own writers in LJ are listed in the very back of the magazine as part of a "top 10" recommendation of fanfic online about POTC. [ profile] honorat, [ profile] tortuga_black, and [ profile] geek_mama_2 are listed, as well as several other writers I've not heard of. (I just scanned the descriptions of the list, but I don't think they covered slash. I believe the magazine is probably aimed at teenagers.)

They have a paragraph description of each story and the praises of it, why it's in the magazine. It's called "Film Fantasy" and is published by Bauer Publishing as part of its "Life Story" series - I can't find anything online about it, but you can find it at Borders (and possibly other stores) for $10 right now.

EDIT (July 2): I picked up a copy of the magazine. The compilation of these stories is credited to G. "ErinRua" Atwater, which the magazine states is webmistress of a POTC site, (I have seen this page before, and I suspect so have a few of you). I cannot find, however, who actually picked these particular stories.

Genfic Recommendations Ahoy! )
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As I am an avid Turrow fiction whore and I know there are others who read this, I wanted to throw up a link to [ profile] tessabeth's journal. Her latest entries are repostings of very old fic from early in the POTC fandom, all J/W. Besides being a good writer all around, she portrays the fellows in a way I really like (especially Will, who was, in those early days, all too often treated like a wet bitch).
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Short update: [ profile] metalkatt has an alternate fic journal, and she posted some of our joint stories (as well as some of her own) in the POTC Turrow variety there.

The general link is at [ profile] lebensbaum and the newer stories - some posted in broken-up parts - are there individually. There's a few not posted on my website, too.


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