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Real life never changes that much unless I move, and then I tend to add, not subtract. I don't keep up as well with everybody I've met over 40 years' time as I'd like, but in most cases I can only blame myself. As for LJ friends, I definitely still have most of the ones I had three years ago. And I've added a few more through various channels.

Who do I miss most? Definitely [ profile] gryphons_lair, who died earlier this year. She was fair and capable of disagreeing with someone while staying calm and without getting personal, and I do feel the lack of someone like that to sort of reel me in once in a while like she had to, on occasion - not because I was that way toward her, but with other people that she could see the conversations.

I don't defriend lightly, but on occasion I'll do it simply because there's been a parting of the ways on interests or no conversation - no animosity, just not enough in common to keep up a contact. I can think of three defriendings in the last three years that bothered me, that were because of conflict; two of those, I did the defriending because my philosophy is, when your friends start making pointed, specific personal insults at you without provocation, it's time to take them out of that category.


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