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It's not the only article to address the failure of the Bush presidency thus far, but it is one of the better ones insofar as it's comprehensive and sweeping without being confusing or too academic for the average reader to understand.
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Here we have ourselves yet another example of hypocrisy at its finest in our federal administration:

The USDA budget is divided into two sections - mandatory programs and discretionary programs. About 77 percent, or $71.3 billion, of the USDA’s proposed 2007 budget will go to fund programs that are required by law, such as nutrition assistance services, commodity and export promotions, and conservation programs. The remaining 23 percent of the agency’s spending plan goes to discretionary programs, such as the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program; rural development loans and grants; research and education; soil and water conservation technical assistance; management of National Forests and domestic marketing assistance. Discretionary spending is estimated at $21.5 billion for 2007, or $1.2 billion less than this year.

Now, consider this administration's stance on the whole abortion issue. It's wrong and immoral to kill (abort) babies (fetuses) for any reason (except rape or incest, because you know, those souls are tainted anyway) once they are conceived ... yet it's okay to cut the WIC program at the same time.

I submit to you that while this isn't always the case, a woman who has enough income that she wouldn't need to take advantage of WIC is also probably educated enough and can afford birth control to keep from getting pregnant, in most cases.

NOTE: I always wait for some Bush apologist or supporter to come along on my own LJ entries (non-crossposted) and tell me how wrong and misguided I am, but it doesn't happen. What, is every American on my f-list a Democrat or Independent? I find that difficult to believe; it's a decent-sized list, and Bush supposedly DID get into office on a majority vote (Diebold's favor), did he not? This is one I'd LOVE to see justified, just as an example of the special brand of logic involved with a Bush thinker (blind follower).


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