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Jul. 21st, 2017 02:48 pm
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Jan pointed out to me that the Red Dwarf Introcast podcast came back up for a while at the end of last year to review Series XI - you can Google it or, if you have an iTunes or Android enabled device, you can search for it in your podcast server-thingy and subscribe, then download those six episodes to listen to (or the entire podcast history).

If you've never heard of this podcast, you should check it out. The premise is that this sci-fi-savvy American couple a few years ago, who had never heard of Red Dwarf, agreed to co-host a podcast with a British fan, and did so episode by episode, watching each new only before recording for THAT particular episode. So you're getting a fresh reaction and review. They caught up through Series X in their original run, then reassembled like the Avengers last year to take on XI.

(I'm still listening to the "Twentica" episode, but one of the laughs in it is when Shane, the veteran, tells the couple, Heath and Angela, about the fuck-up on the Blu-Ray steelbook last November - remember, the distributor originally printed on it not the Series XI titles, but Series XII episode titles? Heath and Angela immediately start naming their own episode titles for XII, including "Episode 3: Lister and Rimmer Finally Get Married" and "Episode 4: Lister and Rimmer Divorce and Lister Marries Kochanski, but Then They Get Divorced and He Marries Rimmer Again." No, they're not slash fans, but they're pretty good sports about it existing, and the joke is just good clean fun, LOL.)

Anyway, it's good to while away a week of your life if you listen nonstop and don't sleep, so go download it ...

In the wind

Jul. 12th, 2017 04:56 pm
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So, I just catch sight of my brother leaving as I arrived at the rehab center. The nurse comes in and says she just has 10 min. to get this permission to perform a ttransfusion on the schedule for tomorrow. I sign it and try to calll my brother. Voicemail. I get my sister who says, yes she needs it. I call my son who says he can get her there by the 8:00 kickoff time. My brother calls me back, having already talked to my sister.
Say what you will, this is getting us to talk more.

Getting it right

Jul. 10th, 2017 02:28 pm
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Recently we were trying to figure out what my mother would eat while she was in the hospital. I heard this buzz of everyone trying to work out what she'd want in the way of Pizza toppings.
The difficulty lies in how infrequently my mother will insist she likes something -- she normally just goes along with what others choose.
While they were waiting, I drove down to 7-11 and got her an actual hot dog. *I* remembered once we were on the road and both were hungry and as I stopped at McD's for some sort of elaborate burger, she wanted a hot dog.
She ate all of it -- a major turn around from the hospital's attempts to give her something she'd want to eat.
,,, and I remembered because it was unusual for her to make a personal selection.

I was thinking of scenes that had gone south in the past. Read more... )


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