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I feel like I'm posting too much at RDS, so I figured I'd do this one at the personal journal instead. I just like Series XI so much so far, and I saw where Kat had posted something on Tumblr about scenes she likes from the two episodes that have aired ... so I thought, well, maybe followers would like to yap over here about the stuff they like (without fear of Tumblr-spoiling, if you're like me and figure even if the original post is reader-cut, the comments sure won't be).

I'll just repost what I told Kat, here. For my first comment I need to copy-paste one of her scenes so my comment makes sense:

Rimmer phrasing himself the way he did when the EMP was about to be set off. It’s not just the lines, but how Chris Barrie plays it; Rimmer seems so nonchalant about leaving Lister behind. Which… is rather odd. I can see Rimmer being gleeful about getting rid of Lister, and I can see him being reluctant and secretly fearful about it, but nonchalant? I thought that was an interesting choice, and if I were Lister, that reaction would stick with me. (They refer to their situation as being “stuck together” again in Samsara, but in a very different context. I do wonder.)

Now, back to me:

This scene did stick with me as well; not that I’ve been bright enough to figure out why, per se, just yet. But it did. Rimmer seeems almost … caring-sounding? I think that’s what struck me about it, it doesn’t seem like him. Nonchalant is probably a better descriptor.

Something that sticks out to me is Kryten coming to the conclusion of how Barker reprogrammed the Karma Drive. Did I miss something in how he discovered that? Did he examine the logs to find that and I missed it? Or was it just one of the best deductions since Sherlock?

OK, I just realized, for my next point I need to quote something ELSE Kat posted. I hope she doesn't mind, since Tumblr is public-view too:

Lister getting stuck with Cat and having to listen to him yammer on. I’ve seen various reactions to this scene - some people dislike it because they felt it dragged on, but IMO that was intentional and taken juuust far enough. It’s the first time that I can remember, outside of Quarantine, which was obviously exceptional circumstances, that Lister has shown irritation towards Cat to such an extent. They’re usually shown as being buddies and like-minded, but here we are quite brutally reminded that Cat and Lister really don’t have that much in common, and Lister is, when you get right down to it, more alone than we often imagine. That left an impact on me, especially in light of Rimmer’s words in Twentica, mentioned above.

Back to me: As for Cat and Lister, I’ve always held in mind that they aren’t exactly equals. For one, Cat is shallower than I think Lister ever has been (even at his most youthful and party-hearty); I can’t imagine many deep conversations between them. Second, their priorities are so dissimilar, I’d think. Yes, Rimmer’s priorities are dissimilar to Lister’s, too, but with Rimmer’s I could imagine Lister thinking *He’s gone way too far, doesn’t need to be that strict* whereas with Cat’s I’d imagine him thinking *Why would I care at all?* If that makes any sense …

P.S. This entry is not locked like I do at RDS because it's a community. I'll discuss slash in my own LJ if I feel like it and if someone wants to come looking for it, that's on them. :-P
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