Jan. 20th, 2017

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It's a dark day in American history, but I'm looking fabulous in my all-black ensemble which inclues a sparkly trio of cats on my chest (courtesy of my dad's girlfriend as a Christmas gift). I may be pissed off, but there's no reason to look poorly doing it.

I'm committed to only checking the newsfeed two or three times today. I don't think it's realistic to ask people to not look at ALL, because I want to know if there's real news going on in the world, but I'm going to endeavor not to give Nuclear Cheeto more clicks and hits today. Because attention is what he craves and I've no desire to facilitate THAT.

I bought myself a small breakfast burrito and TWO small iced coffees at BK this morning; it's going to be a LONG day. Fortunately I have a job to keep me busy; unfortunately, it's in news, so I can't escape the day's events entirely. I have, however, so far overseen several weeks of news stories following the election, some of which have been about Cheeto, and am glad to say I think they've been fair (meaning, not filled with effusive praise, some quoting people with real concerns about him - which in the professional circles I run, is hard to come by for any Republican). I'm doing my small part for journalism in the Age of Lies.

So, what are you all wearing? Are you staying away from social media mentions of Cheeto?


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