Nov. 19th, 2016

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The numbness of Election Night is just now wearing off, and so I thought I might try to keep some thoughts here when they come to me on the state of the nation. I did this somewhat irregularly back in the mid-Bush years but didnt see it as recording history at the time - not the facts of dry legislation and happenings, but the fact of the overall mood of people and the air ... for lack of a better way to put it.

So the cast of Hamilton makes Pence sit and listen to a 30-second plea to treat everyone equally, and Trump thinks THIS is disrespectful? Not that I'm surprised, I suppose - but I think it speaks to the fundamental optimism in my nature that I had sort of hoped actually going to the White House and hearing from Obama his work in person, would humble him enough to realize he needs to shut the fuck up with petty bullshit and focus on making up the tremendously steep learning curve doing this job will be. I mean, shit, even Dubya seemed to realize the job was serious even if he wasn't good at it.

But this is what happens when you gift the White House to a literal loser, isn't it?


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