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Looking for some fanfic? Most of what I have around here is POTC, but there are a few others, and you're welcome to check it out and leave feedback, critique, whatever. All I ask is you keep it civil.

Under the cut are my stories, in no particular order. I have sorted them into a few broad categories, and I've put no rating warnings in the very brief descriptions of each - each individual story/drabble has its own disclaimer, summary, rating, and the like.

Red Dwarf

Someone To Watch Over You - LONG 72,000-word fic, Lister/Rimmer, set post-series 8 but pre-Back to Earth. The Ace Rimmers rarely get a happy ending, but this one might just if he plays his cards right.

The Same Old Hope - Set in the same AU as the above story; a vignette in a bar with Rimmer and Lister, dreadlock buns, wiseassness, and not-quite-Han-Solo.

Fire with Fire - 300 words set right before the end of "Out of Time" from Rimmer's POV.

Reflected - 100 words set post-SMAC and Ouroboros in Series 7, wherein the new Ace meets holo-Lister.

Smokin' Aces - Following the events of "Rimmerworld," Lister comes to terms with what he really wants ... a rather disturbing revelation. Slash. Then there's the bookend fic, Two-Card Dud, roughly the same events from Rimmer's point of view. Ace on the River completes the series (warning: this last part has an M rating). (Also, in an alternate-POV meme, someone requested the final scene of "Ace on the River" from Rimmer's point of view, which resulted in Dead Man's Bluff.)

Urgent spins off from the end of "Ace on the River" (linked above), the beginning of a second series set in the same fic-verse. Following that is Machine in the Ghost, an 8-part story with Lister/Rimmer in an established relationship. (Each succeeding part is linked at the bottom of each story entry.) The shorter story I Do! I Do! ... Do I? is based in that AU, as well.

She's Just Not That Into You - Gen, slightly pre-slash story about Rimmer, in his way, trying to help Lister recover from being dumped by Kochanski; set mostly in the first novel-'verse.

Rhetorical - L/R; Lister is too free and easy with his endearments, and Rimmer suspects the ones he gets called are the same ones Lister's used on a million girls. He hates being taken for granted.

Therapy - L/R; The guys find a strange sort of mechanoid on a raid of a long-abandoned ship, which turns out to possibly be the best thing to ever happen to Rimmer, at least.

The Rest of Life - Yvonne McGruder and Rimmer. She's the one woman he slept with while alive; this looks at how that might have happened and her life after leaving Red Dwarf.

Fools Fall - Lister. Rimmer. Kinitawawe bride on the rundown. Marriage of convenience. You guess the trope.

Hideouts - Lister and Rimmer learn unique ways to escape the enemy when they go out on post-Ace missions.

Some post-Series X stories:
Blue Collar Man set after the entire series, taking a brief look at how Rimmer would handle his demotion in social status based on his parentage.
After Hours, which takes place post-"Dear Dave" and focuses on how Rimmer and Lister separate work and personal romantic life.
A Man in Uniform, set after "Trojan" in which Lister learns how to calm Rimmer's resentment freezes.
On the Table, inspired by another fic linked to in the beginning notes, and continuing that with permission - Lister tries to mend fences following his betting Rimmer away in "Fathers and Sons."

Tomb Raider (Movies)

Hardly Proper - Pre-movies, a story about how Hillary might have been hired on at Croft Manor, and his first encounter with a 15-year-old Lara. I also wrote a flipped-POV story that someone requested, Unladylike.

Improper Service - Takes place immediately following "Cradle of Life." In which Hillary explains his shocking discharge from the military and the reasons behind it.


Jack/Will (slash)

"Contradictions" - An old series completed before DMC came out, a post-CotBP AU. There are 9 stories in this series, in order: Flight; Fight; Lose; Win; Admit; Deny; Freed; Claimed; and Choices.

Untitled - As the title suggests, a short J/W untitled fic. This actually inspired [ profile] khohen1 to write a sequel, Diversionary Techniques.

A newer series set post-AWE, both J/W and W/E (but also involving other characters), in order: A Debt to be Paid, With Interest, A Tangled Web, A Heart Divided, Supernatural, Conterminous, and Intersexion. (Two other stories are also set in this storyline, "Small Comforts" and "The Pirate Boy," listed below.)

Sextet - Short drabble series, modern AU, with two sequels, Say Uncle and Abrupt.

Sweat - Post-CotBP PWP alt-universe.

Heroes Among Us - Humorous drabble set during CotBP.

Hung Up - Short ABBA songfic set post-AWE.

For a Breath, a Kiss ... - A slight deviation in how Jack shoves Will off to meet Beckett in AWE.

Get the Point? - A tale involving gambling, boots, and the humorous consequences of what happens when you separate a piratesmith from his sword.

Moving On - A sequel to the J/E "A Sorta Fairytale" listed below; post-AWE in an AU setting, Jack tries to find where Will went off to when he left him and Elizabeth behind.

Interfere Not - A post-CotBP AU in which Will and Elizabeth have married, stayed in Port Royale, and Jack muses on what never was.

Up and Down As Tide - A post-AWE in which Turner ponders his shifting attitude toward Sparrow over the course of their acquaintance.

The Sea's Keep - Post-AWE Will saves Jack from certain death, and is rewarded with some old-fashioned gratitude. Sequels are The Sea's Gift and Unexpected, in which their relationship becomes something deeper.

Beach - Post-AWE "what if?" look at what might happen if Calypso figures both Will and Jack stabbed Jones's heart.

Veritas in Taedio - a post-AWE AU wherein Will did not marry Elizabeth and there's more than a hint of J/W on the horizon.

Heaven at 11 - Part of a series of drabbles through [ profile] blackpearlsails started by [ profile] pearlseed - many people got in on this, as you'll see if you click on the link, LOL. This one is Will and Jack.

Deep - Humorous drabble that isn't quite what it seems ...

Versus Pirates - Some crack humor with the pirate's time-honored arch-enemy (no, not hygiene!). But no crackier than any of the movies.

Later - Drabble; Will's thoughts as he mutinies on Jack in AWE.

Jack/Will/Tia Dalma OT3

Hinge - A PWP drabble of dirtiness.

Legerdemain - Begins the series set during DMC in which Tia Dalma takes an interest in Will; continues following AWE in an AU setting, in Debt and Accord.

Lucky? 8 - Part of a series of drabbles through [ profile] blackpearlsails started by [ profile] pearlseed - many people got in on this, as you'll see if you click on the link, LOL. This one is Will and Tia Dalma.

Will Turner

Two Yards of Leather - How Will received his boots as a gift pre-DMC.

Frontier - What happens to Will when the Earth is no more?

Turning Pirate - Set post-AWE, how Will got his earring.

Omission - Will tries to figure out Jack's "leverage" angle in CotBP.

Inspiration - How do you deal with your fiancee in the arms of another man?

Over the Anvil - Will combines the happier duties of both captain and blacksmith in a lighter look post-AWE.

The End - A key event changes pre-CotBP. (Character death!)

Time Has a Stop - What happens between Will having his heart cut out and rejoining battle as an immortal captain in AWE. Two drabbles along these same lines are also Birdwatcher and A Change in the Weather.

To Thine Own Self - Will learns what real freedom is.

Indigo - Will collects the souls of Titanic's tragic victims.

Small Comforts - The story of how Will finds his ship's cat and dog.

Tectonics - Drabble about the awesomest discovery Will makes as captain of the Flying Dutchman. (Some science geekery ahead!)

Reforged - Will and Teague have a discussion about their one person in common - Jack - and his past. Drabblish.

(In addition, I wrote a character musing/essay about Will for a community a few years ago, that I updated after AWE, called This is Not Your Father's Pirate.)


True Freedom - A not-so-happy ending post-AWE. (Character death!)

What a Woman Can Do - Elizabeth sneaks down into the brig to see Jack on the way back to Port Royale in CotBP.

Swords - Drabble about Jack's and Elizabeth's son seeking the best swordsman on the high seas as a mentor.

Buried Treasure and Open Water - Written before AWE but set after, Will's young son leaves his mother and her lover to find his father.

Time's Run Out - Jack's and Elizabeth's daughter runs off with a surprising match and returns four years later with a bigger surprise.

A Sorta Fairytale - A prequel to "Moving On" listed above, this is how Jack and Elizabeth handle Will's departure post-AWE. AU setting.

Elizabeth Swann

On the Fly - How Elizabeth escapes the carriage ride in DMC.

Hatchling Rising - How Elizabeth gets new togs and tracks down Jack in Tortuga, set during DMC.

General and Misc. Character Stories

Raconteurs - Gibbs has a few things to say about his "first" meeting with Will Turner. Takes place during CotBP, but ostensibly set post-AWE, though this is only a small part of the story.

Versus Pirates - A silly crossover story with some proudly presented historical inaccuracies (most likely - I wasn't there!) featuring Jack and Will and OCs running around Tortuga. Very, very slight J/W vibe, but still het-friendly.

Who Cares? - A series of "what if?" scenarios during CotBP that could've sent the story off in many other directions.

Chapeau Foe - How Anamaria acquired her floppy hat in CotBP.

The Duty of Swine - Norrington and Elizabeth, set during DMC.

The Pirate Boy - Will's and Elizabeth's son faces trouble from bullies.

On the Shores of Christmas Eve - An AU in which children Will and Elizabeth meet Jack Sparrow several years before CotBP.

Walk the Line - Jack finds a unique, improbable way out of a humorously untenable capture on land.

Abandoned - Davy Jones's thoughts upon his death scene in AWE.

Fortunate Son - Marty's backstory pre-CotBP.

A Moment of Peace - Gibbs tries to catch forty winks during CotBP.

Fire - The real reason Gillette joined the Royal Navy.

Pricked - Humorous drabble in which Jack gets a comeuppance and Elizbeth has a laugh.

Visceral Wisdom - Bill Turner considers the one thing he's done right; set during DMC.

Hell of a Nighthorsie - Humorous story about Prissy, a CotBP extra with far too little screentime - written for a Halloween challenge. The (hopefully also humorous) sequel, Near-Death Becomes Her, takes place several years post-AWE on board the Flying Dutchman.

The Math Lesson - My annual International Pi Day (March 14) repost about Jack trying to play math tutor to Will.

The Sinking of the Pearl - A sea shanty with some naughty overtones. (Who ever heard of such a thing?)

Passing Time - Jack's plans are interrupted by drowning damsels; set during CotBP.

Later - Will relies on piratical practicality to justify his actions in AWE.

Of Course I'm Only 29 (and a Half) - Part of a series of drabbles through [ profile] blackpearlsails started by [ profile] pearlseed - many people got in on this, as you'll see if you click on the link, LOL. This one stars Prissy and Will.

(The Impossible Takes a Little Longer) - A short exchange between Jack and Will in the brig during AWE.

Monsieur! Monsieur! - A Gov. Swann/Captain Chevalle (SHUT UP YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT) written to fulfill a request for the 2009 [ profile] merrypirates holiday fic exchange.

No, Don't Get Up ... Really ... - Drabble describing Gibbs's stereotypical role as ship's coitus interruptus.


Waterloo - A humorous ABBA songfic crossing over with "Mamma Mia!"

Motley Crew - Crossover between POTC and Star Trek: TNG. Slashy themes, but teen-safe.


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